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Here at Skookum technicians are certified, well trained and excited to help you with any problem you may have. Whether it's mounting up our new fancy skis or patching the base of your most treasured set of 90's classics they are always ready to help you get back to the mountains and to do the sports we all love. We offer Ski Mounting, Board Mounting and XC Ski Mounting. We also offer an extensive range of tuning option for all disciplines laid out bellow. 


Ski Mounting 


- Ski Binding Mount            -    $35 Plus Tax*        (Brand new ski with no holes and any binding)

- Ski Binding Re-Mount     -    $45 Plus Tax*        (If the ski has any holes we have to work around or when transferring binding from another ski)

Things you need to know!

All our technicians and certified to mount a plethora of ski bindings. Whether you're bringing them a new ski and new binding or a binding in a Save On plastic bag and a ski that's already been drilled twice we are ready to help. Our technicians are certified and have the jigs to mount all the ski brands laid out bellow;


- Marker - Salomon/Armada/Atomic - G3 - Dynafit - Knee - Tyrollia - Look - Rossignol -


When will they be ready?

When you bring skis to be mounted you will need to bring 1 Boot and the skis and the bindings you need mounting. We try to get all work done overnight.

Please feel free to call ahead you pop into the store to discuss any mounting questions you may have and we will be happy to help. 




- Sliders Tune                           -     $35 Plus Tax    (This includes a Edge Sharpening + Hot Wax) 

- Skookum Tune                       -     $45 Plus Tax     (Sliders tune + Base grind) 

- You Bet Cha Tune                 -     $55 Plus Tax    (Skookum Tune + Ptex work) 

- Edge Sharpening                  -     $15 Plus Tax     (Sharpened base and side edged and detuned tips and tails) 

- Base Grind                             -     $15 Plus Tax    (Base is ground to remove blemishes in the base and flatten the base out)    

- Wax                                         -     $25 Plus Tax    (Waxed my hand with the temperature specific wax then hand brushed) 

- Base Repair                           -     $1 Per Minute + Parts Plus Tax

- Edge Repair                           -     $1 Per Minute + Parts Plus Tax 

- Topsheet Delamination      -     $1 Per Minute + Parts Plus Tax 

When will they be ready?

We will try to get all work done overnight as long as the work is dropped off before the end of the day. Our opening hours are displayed online.

Please feel free to call ahead you pop into the store to discuss any tuning questions you may have and we will be happy to help.


Quiver Killer

Quiver killer binding inserts are used to allow you to transfer 1 set of binding between multiple skis or put multiple sets of bindings on one ski. And you can do all this with just a screwdriver once the inserts have been installed. The insets are made from 303 stainless steel and are threaded into the ski much like a snowboard binding insert. This allows you to use special M5 threaded screws to attach your bindings to your skis. Doing this boasts 2 times the binding retention of a regular binding screw. 


We charge individually for the inserts and screws. For the average binding, you will be needing 16 of each. Then you are charged the labour fee on top. See below for breakdown;

- Insert                                              -     $2    (Thi is the price per one insert)

- Screw                                             -     $2    (This is the price per one screw) 

- Labour 16 Holes (1 binding)       -     $70    (This is the price if you purchase the inserts and screws from skookum. $90 if you bring your own)


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