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Race Face Race Face Atlas Pedal
Race Face Atlas Pedal
Wider, thinner and more durable than ever before, the Atlas pedal is a lean, mea...
C$220.00 C$220.00
Chromag Chromag Trailmaster DT Saddle
Chromag Trailmaster DT Saddle
The Trailmaster DT (Durable Top) has a synthetic top for riders who see a lot of...
C$115.00 C$115.00
Maxxis Maxxis Assegai
Maxxis Assegai
C$136.00 C$136.00
Sram Sram X01 Eagle Chain
Sram X01 Eagle Chain
C$94.00 C$94.00
Sram SRAM X01 Eagle Trigger Shifter
SRAM X01 Eagle Trigger Shifter
C$140.00 C$140.00
Race Face RaceFace Getta Grip
RaceFace Getta Grip
We think that the best path to a happy life is to ride as often as possible. The...
C$27.00 C$27.00
Schwalbe Schwalbe Hans Dampf
Schwalbe Hans Dampf
C$144.00 C$144.00
Chromag Chromag Format Grip
Chromag Format Grip
The format is Chromags first single clamp grip for those who like to make use of...
C$42.00 C$42.00
Chromag Chromag Stem HIFI 35mm Clamp
Chromag Stem HIFI 35mm Clamp
Chromag's highest value stem for 35mm bars. A robust DH/Enduro focused stem. Col...
C$135.00 C$135.00
Race Face Race Face Aeffect R Pedal
Race Face Aeffect R Pedal
With a fresh design and larger platform, the Aeffect R pedal follows the evoluti...
C$170.00 C$170.00
Chromag Chromag Scarab Pedal
Chromag Scarab Pedal
The Scarab features a mid-wide platform with true concave shape. A thin profile ...
C$190.00 C$190.00
Chromag Chromag Lift Saddle
Chromag Lift Saddle
A whole new ball game!
The Lift has a similar overall width to our wider Trailm...
C$125.00 C$125.00
Race Face Race Face Chester Pedal
Race Face Chester Pedal
A party's just not a party until Chester shows up. This burly nylon composite pe...
C$49.00 C$49.00
OneUp Aluminum Flat Pedal
OneUp Aluminum Flat Pedal
Clip less rocks with our ultra thin and super grippy Aluminum Pedals. The large ...
C$200.00 C$200.00
Chromag Chromag Radar Pedal Kids
Chromag Radar Pedal Kids
Chromag created the Radar for the young rippers. Designed around a platform shap...
C$125.00 C$125.00
Norco Norco BMZ 900W Battery
Norco BMZ 900W Battery
Norco's Gen 3 VLT Electric Mountain Bikes all use the same batteries, made from ...
C$1,714.29 C$1,714.29
Sram Sram NX Eagle PG-1230 Cassette
Sram NX Eagle PG-1230 Cassette
C$157.00 C$157.00
We Are One DA Package
We Are One Composites Premium Handlebar will take any bike to the next level. It...
C$375.00 C$375.00
Chromag Chromag Stem RIZA
Chromag Stem RIZA
Chromag used thier knowledge of making stems for almost 20 years to create a new...
C$185.00 C$185.00
Chromag Chromag Dune Grip
Chromag Dune Grip
The Dune grip uses a single clamp for riders who want to use the full width of t...
C$42.00 C$42.00
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