Hot booties for cool days!

Winter booties are essential cold-weather companions, seamlessly blending fashion and function to provide optimal comfort and protection during chilly seasons.

We carry premium insulated booties by LINE, Intuition and Orage – the perfect blend of warmth, comfort, and style for your winter escapades. These booties keep your feet toasty in the coldest temperatures.

These booties are designed for versatility, whether you're trekking through snow-covered trails, navigating icy sidewalks, or simply enjoying a winter day outdoors. The durable yet lightweight construction guarantees long-lasting wear, making these booties your reliable companions season after season.

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Intuition Liners Intuition Booties Mid
Intuition Booties Mid
Designed to be practical and cozy, Booties provide slip-on comfort that works ac...
C$135.00 C$135.00 C$81.00 C$81.00
Intuition Liners Intuition Booties Low
Intuition Booties Low
Building off of the innovations of the Booties, Intuition has created a versatil...
C$122.00 C$122.00 C$73.20 C$73.20
Intuition Liners Intuition Booties
Intuition Booties
From apres mountain drinks and snowy hot tubs, to summer evening dips in the lak...
C$124.00 C$124.00 C$74.40 C$74.40
Orage Orage Yeti Mules 2024
Orage Yeti Mules 2024
Your feet deserve relief. Turn any backcountry hut trip, winter camping or apres...
C$80.00 C$80.00 C$48.00 C$48.00
Intuition Liners Intuition Booties Slip-on Mid
Intuition Booties Slip-on Mid
Iconic Intuition Booties offer an upgraded elasticized looped toggle system to d...
C$160.00 C$160.00 C$96.00 C$96.00
Line Line Bootie 2.0 2024
Line Bootie 2.0 2024
From the house to the mailbox, to walking the dog around the block, to being gri...
C$140.00 C$140.00 C$84.00 C$84.00
Line Line Bootie 1.0 2024
Line Bootie 1.0 2024
From the house to the mailbox, to walking the dog around the block, to being gri...
C$100.00 C$100.00 C$60.00 C$60.00
Intuition Liners Intuition Bootie Low
Intuition Bootie Low
From taking out the trash in the rain, using the outhouse at your cabin, to post...
C$115.00 C$115.00
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