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Race Face RaceFace Getta Grip
RaceFace Getta Grip
We think that the best path to a happy life is to ride as often as possible. The...
C$27.00 C$27.00
Chromag Chromag Format Grip
Chromag Format Grip
The format is Chromags first single clamp grip for those who like to make use of...
C$42.00 C$42.00
Chromag Chromag Clutch Grip
Chromag Clutch Grip
Dimples for the palm, waffle for the fingers. The Clutch grip combines traction ...
C$52.00 C$52.00
Chromag Chromag Grip Wax Liason
Chromag Grip Wax Liason
The Wax Grip is designed for riders who want the cushion and feel of an ‘all rub...
C$22.00 C$22.00
Chromag Chromag Dune Grip
Chromag Dune Grip
The Dune grip uses a single clamp for riders who want to use the full width of t...
C$42.00 C$42.00
Chromag Chromag Squarewave Grip
Chromag Squarewave Grip
Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, the Squarewave grip is sure ...
C$52.00 C$52.00
Race Face RF Chester Grips
RF Chester Grips
C$32.00 C$32.00
Race Face RF Half Nelson Grips
RF Half Nelson Grips
C$33.00 C$33.00
Race Face RF Love Handle Grips
RF Love Handle Grips
C$37.00 C$37.00
Chromag Chromag Basis Grips
Chromag Basis Grips
The Basis grip is designed for applications where the rider wants a firm, direct...
C$48.00 C$48.00
Race Face RF Grippler Grips
RF Grippler Grips
C$40.00 C$40.00
DMR Deathgrip Flanged
DMR Deathgrip Flanged
C$38.00 C$38.00
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