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Key Equipment Key Equipment Disruptive
Key Equipment Disruptive
The perfect Splitboard boot.
By stepping away from a traditional softboot, the ...
C$950.00 C$950.00
Kemper Snowboards Kemper Apex Splitboard
Kemper Apex Splitboard
The powder weapon that turns into telemark skis. Designed by Kurt Heine, one of ...
C$928.00 C$928.00 C$556.80 C$556.80
Weston Weston Backwoods Splitboard Green 2023
Weston Backwoods Splitboard Green 2023
The Backwoods differentiates itself from other powder boards with a mid-stiff fl...
C$1,110.00 C$1,110.00 C$666.00 C$666.00
Jones Jones W Stratos Splitboard 2024
Jones W Stratos Splitboard 2024
The Women's Stratos is a hybrid all-mountain board that's built for creative fre...
C$1,180.00 C$1,180.00 C$708.00 C$708.00
Weston Weston Eclipse Splitboard Blue 2023
Weston Eclipse Splitboard Blue 2023
The Eclipse is a powder & freeride hybrid that prefers trees, powder and steeps....
C$1,160.00 C$1,160.00 C$696.00 C$696.00
Weston Weston Hatchet Splitboard 2024
Weston Hatchet Splitboard 2024
The Hatchet is a powder & all-mountain hybrid with a freestyle twist - designed ...
C$1,370.00 C$1,370.00 C$822.00 C$822.00
Kemper Snowboards Kemper Rampage Splitboard Skin
Kemper Rampage Splitboard Skin
Split skins to fill your trek with some colorful utility. Mohair/nylon blend fo...
C$266.00 C$266.00 C$159.60 C$159.60
Jones Jones W Solution Splitboard 2024
Jones W Solution Splitboard 2024
The ultimate all-terrain splitboard, ideal for backcountry freeriding and wilder...
C$1,200.00 C$1,200.00 C$720.00 C$720.00
Nidecker Nidecker Escape Split and Skins 2023
Nidecker Escape Split and Skins 2023
On the descent, early-rise rocker at the nose and tail smooths out turn initiati...
C$1,100.00 C$1,100.00 C$660.00 C$660.00
Kemper Snowboards Kemper SR Splitboard
Kemper SR Splitboard
The hybrid camber powder splitboard inspired by David Kemper's original SR 140 f...
C$928.00 C$928.00 C$556.80 C$556.80
Kemper Snowboards Kemper Fantom Splitboard
Kemper Fantom Splitboard
The Fantom splitboard is a directional twin designed for all-mountain riding and...
C$928.00 C$928.00 C$556.80 C$556.80
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