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Armada Armada ARV 106 2024
Armada ARV 106 2024
The ARV 106 has been Armada's most versatile all-mountain freestyle ski since it...
C$850.00 C$850.00 C$510.00 C$510.00
Smith Optics Smith Method MIPS 2024
Smith Method MIPS 2024
Park days, storm riding or groomer hot laps, the Method helmet sets you up with ...
C$180.00 C$180.00 C$108.00 C$108.00
Smith Optics Smith IO MAG XL Low Bridge Fit 2024
Smith IO MAG XL Low Bridge Fit 2024
You can only scope your line if you can see where you're going. Putting on the S...
C$320.00 C$320.00 C$192.00 C$192.00
Hestra Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski 3 Finger Glove 2024
Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski 3 Finger Glove 2024
Hestra's most well-known ski glove is a modern classic with thoughtful functiona...
C$195.00 C$195.00 C$117.00 C$117.00
Smith Optics Smith Squad MAG Low Bridge Fit 2024
Smith Squad MAG Low Bridge Fit 2024
From bright and sunny to dark and stormy, everyday on the mountain has its own p...
C$280.00 C$280.00 C$168.00 C$168.00
Intuition Liners Intuition Pro Tongue MV
Intuition Pro Tongue MV
The Pro Tongue is a custom designed liner for higher performing, medium volume b...
C$260.00 C$260.00 C$156.00 C$156.00
Hestra Hestra Ergo Grip Active Glove 2024
Hestra Ergo Grip Active Glove 2024
A hardwearing, versatile glove well-designed for fit. An outdoor favourite all y...
C$150.00 C$150.00 C$90.00 C$90.00
Volkl Volkl Revolt 114 2024
Volkl Revolt 114 2024
The Revolt 114 is a completely independently designed, thoroughbred freerider. T...
C$900.00 C$900.00 C$540.00 C$540.00
Tecnica Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro
Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro
Coming in at just 1,320g with a 55-degree range of motion and a 4-buckle, overla...
C$900.00 C$900.00 C$540.00 C$540.00
Salomon Salomon QST 106 2024
Salomon QST 106 2024
The ski, the myth, the legend: the QST 106 is the most loved QST in the lineup. ...
C$900.00 C$900.00 C$540.00 C$540.00
Atomic Atomic Maverick 88 TI 2024
Atomic Maverick 88 TI 2024
Exact and relaxed, the all-mountain Atomic Maverick 88 TI ski offers the perfect...
C$750.00 C$750.00 C$450.00 C$450.00
Armada Armada ARV 116 JJ 2024
Armada ARV 116 JJ 2024
The iconic Armada ARV 116 JJ continues to carve its name into ski lore, coming c...
C$900.00 C$900.00 C$540.00 C$540.00
Volkl Volkl Revolt 121 2024
Volkl Revolt 121 2024
"Incredibly versatile" - that's one of the most often heard comments from people...
C$950.00 C$950.00 C$570.00 C$570.00
Line Line Vision 108 2024
Line Vision 108 2024
Stable at high speeds, light in the air, and easy to control.
C$850.00 C$850.00 C$510.00 C$510.00
Salomon Salomon QST 98 2024
Salomon QST 98 2024
The 98’s full sandwich double sidewalls and cork damplifier create stability in ...
C$800.00 C$800.00 C$480.00 C$480.00
Blizzard Blizzard Black Pearl 88 2024
Blizzard Black Pearl 88 2024
If you are looking for a ski that rips on groomers and cuts through crud but won...
C$850.00 C$850.00 C$510.00 C$510.00
Intuition Liners Intuition Luxury Liner MV
Intuition Luxury Liner MV
C$260.00 C$260.00 C$156.00 C$156.00
Intuition Liners Intuition Pro Wrap MV
Intuition Pro Wrap MV
A high-density, medium thickness, wrap style liner with reinforced cuff wrap for...
C$247.00 C$247.00 C$148.20 C$148.20
Marker Marker Kingpin 13 2024
Marker Kingpin 13 2024
The Kingpin sets the benchmark in downhill-oriented performance pin bindings. It...
C$730.00 C$730.00 C$438.00 C$438.00
Faction Faction Agent 4 2024
Faction Agent 4 2024
The Agent 4 is the dream ski for big mountain skiers with free-touring ambitions...
C$1,050.00 C$1,050.00 C$630.00 C$630.00
Blizzard Blizzard Rustler 11 2024
Blizzard Rustler 11 2024
The Rustler 11 lives for the days when the snow gods deliver, and is as eager to...
C$850.00 C$850.00
Faction Faction Prodigy 3.0X
Faction Prodigy 3.0X
A super-durable ski to be enjoyed by absolutely anyone, in any conditions, the P...
C$749.00 C$749.00 C$449.40 C$449.40
POC POC Obex MIPS 2024
POC Obex MIPS 2024
The all-day, all-mountain helmet giving adaptable protection for skiers and snow...
C$240.00 C$240.00 C$144.00 C$144.00
Smith Optics Smith 4D MAG S Low Bridge Fit 2024
Smith 4D MAG S Low Bridge Fit 2024
Scope your line. Read the terrain. Drop in with confidence. The Smith 4D MAG S L...
C$390.00 C$390.00 C$234.00 C$234.00
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