Bike assembly instructions


Congratulations on your new bike from Skookum Bike & Ski

Below you will find some instructions on how to assemble your bike to get you out riding safely and quickly. 
Any questions please phone us on 250 832 7368 or e-mail us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.
We do not sell bikes that we haven’t tested! Every bike that we ship, even if it is new and in its original box is built, adjusted and tested before we ship it.  This allows us to check all the components are fitted and working correctly. We then pack the bike in a way that allows efficient shipping and simple re-assembly.
A few simple tools are needed to re-assemble your new bike. If you are at all uncertain about re-assembling it yourself, we urge you to take the box and its contents to your local bike shop where you will get some expert advice or an option for them to build it for you.

Assembly instructions

Each bike is boxed individually, and assembly instructions will be different. Below are common tasks required to assemble one of our bikes and check it is ready to ride.
Attach the front wheel
Make sure the forks are pointed forward (disk brake caliper on the left) and attach the wheel to the axle. If there is a disk brake spacer in the caliper remove this first.
Axles should have a small amount of grease on them before threading them through the hub and drop-outs.
If the axle uses a quick-release skewer, place one spring on the outside of each drop-out and tighten, ensuring the wheel is centered in the forks
Attach and straighten the handlebars
Remove the clamp at the front of the stem, insert the handlebars and tighten the clamp equally at the top and bottom. Before tightening fully, check the handlebars are centered in the clamp and rotate up to down to the preferred position.
Check that the handlebars are centered over the front wheel and adjust if necessary and ensure the clamp bolts at the back of the stem are tight.
Attach the pedals
Apply a small amount of grease to the threads on each pedal before tightening them onto the cranks. If pedal washers are provided, place those over the pedal axles before attaching the pedals. 
Care must be taken to attach the correct pedal to the correct crank. Check the pedals for a L or R marking or other feature to make sure the pedal threads match the crank threads.
Set the saddle height
Loosen the clamp bolt or quick release on the seat tube and adjust the seat post to the preferred height. Tighten the clamp bolt or quick release. Saddle angle and forward and backward position can be set by adjusting bolts directly under the saddle.
Inflate tires
Inflate tires to the desired pressure. Maximum pressure settings are printed on the side of the tires. Preferred tire pressure will be determined by riding style and terrain.
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