Master the Mountain with the New Trance X

Master the Mountain with the New Trance X

Now more capable than ever, the new Trance X range includes a full collection of progressive trail bikes that combine all-rounder versatility with even greater control for technical terrain.

At Skookum we'll be featuring the more aggressive and budget friendly Trance X SX. It comes in at $4,000 and features an aluminum chassis with 145mm of rear travel. Combined with a 160mm fork, this longer travel trail bike gobbles up rocks, roots and ruts with total control.

It also comes with a mixed wheel “mullet” setup, combinng a 27.5-inch rear and 29-inch front, a playful combination that gives it a nice slack and low riding position perfect for pushing it on the local trails. The rear flip chip, located on the rocker arm, lets riders adjust geometry and fine-tune the handling. And a new headset flip chip offers 10mm of reach adjustment to dial in position and fit.


Plus even the Aluminum version comes with integrated frame storage inside the down tube, making it easy to carry tools, snacks and other essentials. Mounts below the top tube offer an additional option for storage, and protection on the down tube prevents damage from trail debris and transportation.

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