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Giant/Liv/Momentum Giant Trance X 29 2 | 2022
Giant Trance X 29 2 | 2022
Chunky rock gardens, roots and technical climbs. This hard-charging trail bike a...
C$3,900.00 C$3,900.00
Kona Kona Dew Plus 2022
Kona Dew Plus 2022
The Dew Plus is a great choice for commutes. It features a 10-speed drivetrain f...
C$1,050.00 C$1,050.00
Kona Kona Lanai 2022
Kona Lanai 2022
The Kona Lana’i is affordable enough not to feel too risky but stocked with comp...
C$1,000.00 C$1,000.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Giant Trance X SX | 2024
Giant Trance X SX | 2024
From loam to chunder, alpine peaks to desert rock, this trail slayer has 145mm o...
C$4,000.00 C$4,000.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Giant Reign E+ 2 2023
Giant Reign E+ 2 2023
Every trail, every steep climb, every thrilling descent. Tested and developed by...
C$7,300.00 C$7,300.00 C$5,110.00 C$5,110.00
Kona Kona Fire Mountain 2022
Kona Fire Mountain 2022
The Fire Mountain runs a smooth-shifting 9-speed drivetrain to manage varying te...
C$1,050.00 C$1,050.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Giant Reign SX 2023
Giant Reign SX 2023
This new shapeshifter enduro bike delivers confidence and control on the rowdies...
C$4,900.00 C$4,900.00 C$3,430.00 C$3,430.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Giant Reign 2 2023
Giant Reign 2 2023
Rock the mullet style or go all in on 29. Either way, this new enduro ripper is ...
C$4,300.00 C$4,300.00 C$3,010.00 C$3,010.00
Devinci Devinci Marshall Deore 12s 2024
Devinci Marshall Deore 12s 2024
The Marshall is a Made in Canada, made for the people, light-up the trails dual-...
C$3,400.00 C$3,400.00
Kona Kona Process 134 DL 29 2023
Kona Process 134 DL 29 2023
The Process 134 DL 29 is thoughtfully put together to ensure every box is checke...
C$5,200.00 C$5,200.00 C$3,640.00 C$3,640.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Giant Revolt 2 | 2024
Giant Revolt 2 | 2024
Ride roads, gravel or dirt with this versatile aluminum all-rounder. A composite...
C$1,700.00 C$1,700.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Liv Intrigue 29 2 2023
Liv Intrigue 29 2 2023
Built to cover ground, mow over techy singletrack, and charge down aggressive te...
C$3,600.00 C$3,600.00 C$2,520.00 C$2,520.00
Kona Kona Dew HD 2023
Kona Dew HD 2023
I'm Dew HD, and I’m affordable, super fun, stylish, extremely practical, easy-ri...
C$2,400.00 C$2,400.00 C$1,680.00 C$1,680.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Giant Stance 27.5" 2024
Giant Stance 27.5" 2024
Everything you need to have fun on the trail. Smooth suspension lets you float o...
C$2,300.00 C$2,300.00
Rocky Mountain Bicycles Rocky Mountain Instinct A50
Rocky Mountain Instinct A50
Designed to thrive on technical trails, but still allows you to push the distanc...
C$5,600.00 C$5,600.00
Devinci Devinci EWOC 24" 7S 2024
Devinci EWOC 24" 7S 2024
PINT-SIZED PROGRESSION. Devinci’s kids bikes may be small, but they don’t skimp ...
C$800.00 C$800.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Liv Devote 2 | 2024
Liv Devote 2 | 2024
The Devote was designed to satisfy your gravel wanderlust.
C$1,700.00 C$1,700.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Giant Trance Advanced Pro 2 29 2022
Giant Trance Advanced Pro 2 29 2022
Shred hard and shred fast with this lively 29er. It's built on an all-new full-c...
C$5,900.00 C$5,900.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Liv Intrigue LT 1 | 2024
Liv Intrigue LT 1 | 2024
Whether you're looking ahead to park days, staring down a rocky line you’re dete...
C$3,800.00 C$3,800.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Liv Intrigue X 2 | 2024
Liv Intrigue X 2 | 2024
Extremely customizable with adjustable geometry, frame storage, and wheel option...
C$3,900.00 C$3,900.00
Kona Kona Coco 2022
Kona Coco 2022
The Kona Coco is the ultimate neighbourhood cruiser. Ride in style with a frame ...
C$1,050.00 C$1,050.00
Kona Kona Wo  2022
Kona Wo 2022
The Wo's simple, dependable design has made it a favorite for fat bike aficiona...
C$2,000.00 C$2,000.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Giant Reign 2 | 2024
Giant Reign 2 | 2024
Push new limits on challenging terrain. This enduro ripper has 160mm of rear sus...
C$4,300.00 C$4,300.00
Giant/Liv/Momentum Giant Trance X Advanced E+ EL 2 | 2024
Giant Trance X Advanced E+ EL 2 | 2024
Accelerate up climbs, float through rock gardens, and experience more power, agi...
C$8,500.00 C$8,500.00
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